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Welcome to the Key of He

18 Aug

My name is Leah Morrigan.  I am a men’s image expert.

Men seem to like me;  they appreciate my practicality. Men like that I have my own tool box and that I understand weights and measures; they also like my logical mind and my sense of humour. I’m geeky about clothes and textiles the way a fella is technical about cars and pixels, so we generally understand each other.

Men fascinate me. I ask a lot of questions and in my quest to understand the male condition, I have researched the most interesting topics from social conditioning to the role of testosterone in brain development. I intend to share my information with you, dear readers, so you can get acquainted with the way men operate, and so we can start talking about masculinity in a healthy and supportive way.

Through my work, I am privileged to work with men who are ready to see themselves from a different perspective. I strive to bring out the REAL man, the authentic man –  not the man that society says he is. I study men and I know that  being a man is difficult and that men deserve more respect.

With my analytical brain,  I love to pull a guy apart and evaluate his pieces before putting him back together in a different arrangement to bring out unknown and spectacular sides of himself that he didn’t believe were there because he was not taught to see himself this way. The image process can be an amazingly liberating experience for a man – some clients call it therapy.

This long-awaited blog is a medium through which I want to connect with men’s intellect and sense of curiosity. I plan to write very honestly, discussing what I wonder and what I observe in the stream-of-consciousness way that my mind travels, and tell you about my perception of things and my observations of the universe, all with a masculine slant.

I will strive to be concise but I warn you now that sometimes I may go off on tangents and break into tirades about why one should not wear tube socks with a suit and dress shoes  (sadly, I’ve seen this live and in person), muse over what motivates men to drill holes in their car mufflers to get the most volume, and explain why women are often chilly while men are warm enough.

I want to educate and amuse you, dear readers, and I encourage you to engage in discussion with me and with each other on this blog.

For your first peek inside, have a look at this TED talk about an amazing virtual boy.

Thanks for reading.


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